Vice-President Administration
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Tal was born and raised in Montreal and moved to Toronto at the start of high school. She is currently in her third year at Ted Rogers School of Management and is majoring in Real Estate Management. She started her journey at Real Estate Ryerson at the start of her second year as a marketing associate, and was later promoted as the Vice President of Administration. Although her interest in real estate is relatively new, her passion for it is strong. When starting a new internship position at Upperside Realty as an Executive Assistant and Marketing Coordinator, her knowledge and experience in the real estate and marketing field grew, along with her interest. Tal is a social person who loves to interact with others and enjoys the challenges that come with the business world. She is always looking for new ways to branch out and explore, as well as to seek new opportunities. She is able to see the light in any dark situation and to learn from the risks she takes.