Vice-President Marketing

James is a 2nd-year student at the Ted Rogers School of Management pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Real Estate Management. James’s interest in real estate began very recently as he was researching the different areas of business that he could major in. The more and more he read about the world of real estate the greater his interest grew and he knew that this was something he wanted to pursue. His dad is also in the process of becoming a real estate agent so it is very interesting for him to see firsthand how the process works. This is James’s first year working with RER and he discovered them at an event that was thrown last year called the “Wheel of Majors.” At this event, he was so blown away by all the amazing work they do and the events they throw that he knew he would be a perfect fit to this incredible team. Some Cool facts about James are that he spends his winters snowboarding around Ontario and it is his dream to one day learn how to surf!